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The Starski Waterski Club was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1981 by a group of people with a keen and common interest in water skiing.

The club owns its own Malibu Response ski boat which was purchased in Nov 2013 and which has standard ski tow points as well as a wake tower and wedge to make a great wake. All this makes it great for all towed water sports including, but not limited to, skiing, wake boarding and knee boarding. The club has a range of gear and safety equipment that will suit children through to adults which is available to be used when the boat goes out. You are also welcome to bring along your own equipment. For more details about membership please see details below.

Over the years many people have contributed to the club, with children and grandchildren now continuing on the tradition. The club aims to provide members and friends the opportunity to ski, and enjoy the sport in safe surroundings, with like-minded fun people and without the hassle of owning and maintaining your own boat.

Throughout the year the club runs a regular roster for members to take the boat out for the day (typically weekly in the warmer months and fortnightly in the winter months) – this is most often to Deep Water Point in Perth, but occasionally also to places like Waroona Dam.

For longer periods such as Easter and long weekends, the club usually travels to ‘the lake’. During such trips we usually camp, which allows both members and guests to maximise the time spent on the water as well as relaxing and socialising.

For insurance and safety reasons we don’t allow any ski runs after the consumption of alcohol.

We also enjoy a range of social outings that are not on the water such as social dinners, Christmas parties, cocktail nights, quiz nights, movie nights and many more.

If you would like to try water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, etc or would just like to come away and socialise, please feel free to contact the club via the Contact Details page.


To become a member of Starski you must first be nominated by one of the members and then accepted at a meeting of the members. Following this, you will be invited to pay a $100 nomination fee. This provides provisional membership for three months, will entitle you to ski at club rates and experience how the club works. Following completion of three months provisional membership, the members will vote on your membership at a club meeting. If you are accepted you then need to pay the annual membership fee of $180. Full time students and Juniors (up to the end of high school age) nomination fees are $50 and annual membership is $90.

Members –

Single (one skier at a time) $10

Multi (2 or more skiers) $8

Non Members –

In Perth (usually Deep Water Point), runs are $15

Away camping – per day: 1st two runs are $15 each, subsequent runs are $10 each

Child visitors (up to end of high school age) both Perth and elsewhere $10

Full time students (above high school age)

As per adult non-members


See details under What’s Happening