Gary Dix

A memorial to a great member of Starski Club.

Gary Dix was a great supporter of the Starski Club. Unfortunately Gary was taken before his time by a very agressive form of cancer on the 28th Sep 2013. He will be sorely missed by his family, friends and members of Starski Club.

Gary Dix
When the club knew that Gary’s problem was terminal and very quick, Beth and Derrick sent out an email to all Club members asking them to give their humorous anecdotes and thoughts to him. The response was incredible. There were 33 replies that filled 14- A4 pages, all from members and ex members. Before he passed these were read to him, so he was aware of everyone’s feelings. They brought many a smile on his face, and much laughter. The Club was a second family to many of us, and Gary put in a huge effort to foster new members and particularly the young. He was a wonderful, patient teacher, always giving encouragement, often in a jocular way.It is sad that he won’t see the new boat which is now part of the club. It was mainly Gary’s drive and efforts that have made it possible.These are some of the quotes from members:

But the best times I remember is Gary organising all the kids at Poorarecup for the ‘Cup’. It was fantastic. My kids loved it. (It has been suggested it now be called the ‘Gary Games’.)

When I think of Gary, I think of a warm-hearted, funny man.

I remember when he taught myself and the girls to waterski and his direction being to “Stick your dick out”. I don’t think we had laughed that much in a while.

Gary is the lifeblood of Starski and really represents all that the Club is about. Ash, Christian and Cam have lived that life and it has been a privilege to share that.

In the short time that I knew you, you were always someone I could go to for advice, someone who I looked up to and someone who always knew exactly what to say.

I remember Gary taking children (and adults) up to the gravesite at Poorarecup and regaling them with the story about GEORGE. (Some children had nightmares for ages!)

He instigated raw eggs, hiding in life jackets, to be surreptitiously removed and then smashed on someone’s head, while they were skiing.

“I just love the way that always, without fail, when I see Gary, I get a big smile, a hug and a “Here comes trouble!”

Do you know how much ‘Gary abuse’ you’ve dished out to us over the past 30 years?

Gary is just such an accepting, non judgemental, warm and humorous character, larger than life. We will even miss that ‘plumber’s crack’

The first boat I saw was StarSki. It was being launched and I introduced myself to Gary Dix. Gary was one of the most friendly and helpful blokes I’ve ever met in Australia. He told me all about the Club, the history, how it works and I immediately felt welcome.

I remember Gaz giving me a hearty welcome, introducing me to the gang and pointing out to me who the ratbags were (which was pretty much everyone). Our children, and subsequently their children, have all been petrified and yet enchanted by the invitation to come over for a ‘cuddle’ and a ‘prickly face rub’! This is in spite of their knowledge that you ‘eat little children for breakfast’ and that, if you are displeased, you will ‘rip their arms off and hit them with the blunt end’! They never quite knew how to interpret you, but you instilled in them a sense of the ridiculous and wicked humour.

Starski is one of the main reasons why I decided to make Australia my new home. Some of my best memories, from my time so far in Australia, revolve around the Club, Gary and the lake.

You were a good man, a good friend, a brilliant Dad; you were a success because your life has made the quality of all of ours a lot better.